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The In-between

I was going to be brave. I had set my alarm. Picked out an outfit. But I didn't sleep well. I turned off my alarm. I stayed in bed.

I appreciate that my bedroom is at the back of the house. A small dirt area and an old wood fence separate it from a two-story apartment building. My room is relatively dark the hours after the sun blazes into the heights.

This morning, a subdued antique gold color gently bathed through the window and stretched onto the wall. For some reason, it comforted me. I hadn't realized I needed to be comforted.

It's Easter morning. It doesn't feel like Easter. I am not sure what Easter is supposed to feel like these days.

Maybe I am a hopeless nostaglic and I have a tendency to remember what it used to be like back in the day. Not sure which day, just not today.

Even though it is Resurrection Sunday, I still feel very much as if I am stuck in Saturday. The in-between day. The everything-isn't-quite-right day because they didn't know what wa…

A Mandate

Today is Maundy Thursday. Some people call is Holy Thursday. I have always appreciated the significance of this day. It is a day we remember Jesus' words: " A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

Love. The opposite of hate. 
And He washed their feet. And He washed Judas' feet. He knew Judas' heart. He knew that Judas would betray Him, but He still washed his feet. Demonstrative love. 
And that kind of love - the kind that Jesus commanded us to emulate - doesn't ask us to decide who is deserving. It doesn't call for us to only love those we deem worthy of love. Or easier yet: those like us; those who don't threaten our sensibilities. 
And I just can't. I can't understand. 
I drove by a group of protesters the other day. They were down the street from a Planned Parenthood. There were adults down to elementary-aged children holding bright anti-abortion signs with pictures of ultrasounds and…