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Three Words

This time of year is notoriously hard on me. I tend to get overly emotional and sometimes feel depressed.You see, I miss my grandparents dearly. Time has not lessened that fact.

From the date of my grandfather's birthday on April 30, followed closely by their anniversary, and my grandma's birthday with Mother's Day always close in proximity, my heart is just a tender mess. 
I long for the times when I knew I could always go home. I long for a time where I felt I belonged no matter what circumstances spiraled around me.

I was dreading today. Like absolutely dreading it. I have a propensity to be thoroughly let down. No matter how much I try to lower my expectations, it never seems to be low enough.

I hit snooze a few times this morning. By the time I was coherent, I only had 20 minutes before my friends were supposed to pick me up for church. I was feeling uneasy. So much so that my stomach hurt.

So, I pulled the covers back over my head and tried to go back to sleep. When…