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A Home for Advent

I should write more. Even if it's just my incoherent thoughts between me and Jesus. I should talk to Him more, too. Sometimes, especially when I need Him the most, He seems distant. And I know it's me.

As Advent approaches, I am beginning to realize just how much I desperately need His arrival anew in my heart. Strip everything away - all the glittery adornments we plaster everywhere to distract from the ugliness - and we are left with a lowly infant. A Savior. And we all need saving. Every day. 
And I really want a home this Advent. A home where Jesus resides and isn't lost in programs or political power plays. Somehow, I have been tainted, ruined even. I have entered into rows of pews and steeples high, pointing to heaven, but You weren't there. I have walked down isles flanked in the most elaborate stained glass, but there was no light. I have watched, almost helplessly, as those in your clothes, your God robes, abused their power. Conversely, I have seen congregant…