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Hemmed in...

"You hem me in—behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me."~ Psalm 139:5

I was born in this city. I grew up here and still call this place home. In fact, I live within about two blocks from both of my main childhood homes. When June was ushered in, I began taking evening walks through the various streets that surrounded me; the streets of my childhood.

The streets are filled with my past: houses; the lantana and hibiscus; the driveway of my elementary bus stop; my junior high; circuitous paths explored with friends; bike rides (and falls); echoing trains; seasons strung into years; girl into woman.

 Much remains unchanged. I breathe in dusk air, close my eyes and yearn deep to be in a time that came even before. A time with milkmen, gardens and clotheslines. He was there. He has gone before all things. He has hemmed it all in - all in this spinning planet.

And I have been here before, too, with He who is I AM. There is such comfort in the remembering. There is comfo…