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On Grief and Hope

I had never witnessed my grandfather shed a single tear before the morning my grandmother died. Living the closest, I was first to arrive at her hospital room while she was taking her final breaths. I remember grabbing her hand and my Bible that I had left there the evening prior and reading Psalm 23 aloud. Seconds later, my grandfather entered the room.

I will never forget what transpired next. His expression was half-crazed. He looked at me and my tears. I could only shake my head ever so slightly. He looked at my grandmother, his sweetheart since the eighth grade, and then let out the most gut-wrenching sounds of sheer and utter grief. His grief pierced through my own. This man who helped raise me. This man who sacrificed for his family. This man with the quirky sense of humor and big heart. To see him so grief-stricken, it left me undone.

And that's the thing about grief. It doesn't matter if you were expecting it or not, the response is the same. When it comes to loss, th…