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Who I Am

I have been thinking about this post for quite awhile. I figured it was time to try to get it out of my head (too many things are stuck in there anyway :) 
I was never very comfortable with myself growing up. Painfully shy, I remember trying to always fit in but never quite succeeding. I had big glasses, knock-off jelly shoes (or whatever was trendy) and a weird name. Oh, how I wanted my name to be something popular and normal, like Jessica or Jennifer. 
Spending an entire childhood trying to fit in leads to an overall pathetic self-esteem. High School was slightly better. By the time I was sixteen, I had a job and a boyfriend. People made plans for after high school, but not me. Looking back, I know I feared the unknown and looming sense of failure. Ten months later, I would become a mother, and a year after that, a wife. All this before I was even 20. And, I tried my best. In my brokenness, I tried to make everything whole. 
When I came back to Christ, I began a long journey - a journe…