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Burnt Autumn

It's the first Sunday of October. I am sitting on my bed, still in my pajamas, cat curled up in rumpled blankets next to me, and air conditioner whirring loudly, competing with the music that plays softly from my laptop.

I have a headache and woke up with allergies this morning. My head just feels somewhat foggy this morning, like my brain is still half asleep, but I digress.

It's 100 degrees at this very moment. When all I want is autumnal weather, we've been getting triple digits. I want to view the 10-day forecast and see 70's {okay, even low 80's would be acceptable}.

A couple of weeks ago we had a string of scorching days topping out at 108. One hundred eight! I remember having a discussion with coworkers about our lovely saucer magnolias outside our office which typically bloom in October. Their green leaves, instead of falling off before the blooms appear, were simply being burnt to a crispy brown.

I wondered how this would ultimately affect the magnolias. A…