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Reflective Journaling... -Uh

I am always with you. Psalm 73:23

In this season of my life, how much can I relate to the opening prayer (where life, kids, etc... interrupt any attempts at a quiet prayer time)?

I can definitely relate to feeling like it is trying to find times that are truly quiet. This is why it is so important to set apart time that will be most conducive to quiet. For me, this means choosing to get up early (which honestly is a struggle for someone who is clearly the opposite of a morning person). But, even though it's a challenge, I am praying that it is a habit that I will stick with, because it truly is vital to my walk.

What adjectives describe my structured devotional life?

If I am honest, I would say inconsistent. That's the point of all this, isn't it? Having a purpose and something to help facilitate my quiet times is so helpful. I am looking forward to starting the Gospel of John next week at the Difference, The Love Dare with my husband, and the women's study in February.

I a…

Intimate Conversations

Life is unpredictable at best. People let us down. Jobs aren't dependable. Spouses disappoint us. Friends betray us. Children are rebellious. Family dysfunction runs deep. Those closest to us will die. Children grow up. We grow older. We, too, will die.

What, in this uncertain and ever changing world, remains steadfast? Who, without fail, will never leave or forsake us? The answer is Jesus and His life-altering love.

It's not a secret that I have been feeling very disconnected as of late. I work nearly every Sunday, which keeps me out of worship about 98% of the time. In the fall I was very blessed to be able to co-lead a women's study, which concluded Mid-November. That study was a life jacket of sorts in the very rough waters I was traversing. When it ended, I was left flailing a bit in the midst of a harsh season.

I have prayed about finding another church to attend, but finding a right fit with the time constrictions has proven too much right now.

I prayed and asked de…