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Easter Eve

It is Easter Eve. I walked up to the cross atop Mount Rubidoux this morning and came home in a pensive mood. I took some time to ponder on this Holy Saturday.

And sometimes this world is too noisy. Harsh. The older I get, the more introverted I become. No, really. It's true.

And sometimes we need to be silent.

It was the eve of the Sabbath. The others had fled in fear. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus retrieved Jesus' body, wrapped it, and laid Jesus in a garden tomb. The tomb was sealed.

And what of that Sabbath? What of the disciples and their dismay? I wonder if Jesus' words came flooding back to their memory. He told them that they would weep and mourn while the world rejoices, but their grief would turn to joy.

I wonder if, in their devastation, they thought he was a liar. Because how could joy replace this grief? How could anything good, anything redemptive, ever be birthed from death?

And we know what they did not. We know how this story ends.

So tomorrow, I will…

Of Rain and Roots

I told the mister that rain was coming. You see, I like to check the weather forecast via the internet several times a day. I check out the current weather, tomorrow's forecast, and even take a peek at the ever-changing ten day forecast.

So, after the drizzle early Tuesday quickly dissipated, the mister, while running errands together, would look at the sunny sky with fluffy clouds and say things, like: "Boy, I'm sure glad it was going to rain." {lucky for him, I can appreciate a snarky sense of humor}

But we needed the rain. I needed the rain.

So let’s know Him; let’s strive to know the Eternal.
    As surely as the sun rises, He’ll come out from His lair.
As surely as the rains come each year—
    those spring rains that drench the earth—He’ll come back to us. Hosea 6:3
And I had so many plans to dig deep this Lent. And, per usual, I end up feeling like a failure because I don't. 
After church on Sunday, I took Mason outside for a walk. We looked at the flowers…