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Seasons and such

In the last four days, three ladies I know became first time mommies (two work friends and one from church). Everywhere I turn the overarching theme of "newness" is prevalent. It is the new start to another school year and fall is on its way. This is only evident in the shorter days thus far and not the cooler temperatures. It is also a very different season for me as I walk through some challenging trials. But, you know what? God's mercies are also new each day, and just like every other valley I have had to walk, God, in his faithfulness, has walked with me. This time around, I am happy to say, is no different; God's character is steadfast.

So, with that, I am walking on and not (most of the time) focusing on the circumstances, but rather how God is using those circumstances for good. If life was wrapped up in a neat little predictable package, we wouldn't have to worry about relying on God (and it surely wouldn't be very much fun, either). It is truly in th…

Under Construction...

Keeping a blog has always intrigued me. I love to journal and this, to me, seems to be like online journaling. So, I am getting accustomed to this format and will begin adding things (old and new writings) as time permits.

Until next time. Peace.