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Something New Part II & Clouds/Change

I had planned to post a weekly blog that corresponded with Advent, but somehow a month has elapsed and I missed Peace, Joy and Love...I returned after seven weeks to find Joy from the pulpit but not in hearts. Not entirely. Not with reckless abandon. Not nearly enough in response to the 'Ultimate Gift', when the only appropriate response should be 'Everything that is within me'.

How dare we act like it's deserved. How dare we water it down and give it a season on our liturgical calendar, merely going through the motions of everything we have always done like it's our slaughtered lamb. Like it's worth anything in its own right. Advent, for the believer, should be experienced daily and lived out in a real way. Without Jesus' birth, there wouldn't be his death. Without the cross, we wouldn't be redeemed (New Covenant). Without that redemption, we aren't sanctified. And then where are we in light of the Second Advent? Where is the urgency when w…