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It has been such a long time since I had been on a retreat. From large conferences, such as Women of Faith, to small Yom Kippur day retreats for prayer, retreats are an excellent way to purposefully break from your routine in order to seek God.

I was blessed to be able to help facilitate a women's overnight retreat as a close to our fall study on rest. The theme was truly timely! I pray that I can implement the things that I learned, such as taking time to rest (Sabbath), creating margins, learning to say no and recognizing the season that I am in (and resting in the fact that there isn't a season that God isn't in and working).

Tonight, as I was looking through some old pictures and papers, I came across a bookmark I made at a church retreat. It was dated November 17, 1996! The theme was "fear not," and along with a few pressed autumn leaves was a handwritten prayer that read: "Lord help me be strong and full of undoubting faith." I was 21 (almost 22),…