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Feeling stagnate is complicated; when it is stripped bare, complacency lingers. One may wonder how someone can become stagnant while experiencing change. Yet, that is exactly where I have found myself the last few weeks. I could not anticipate how this week of waiting would become so hard.

Change, even welcome change, is stressful. There are new possibilities, but also many unknowns. Through this transition from one place to another, from one season to another, I have sought God and received His gracious mercy and peace. I know that His timing has been perfect, so why the seemingly unnecessary, complicated feelings?

Even when we have our answers, it is in the waiting where we need to remember and embody the fruit of the spirit that is patience. I couldn't agree more with Tom Petty: You take it on faith, you take it to the heart. The waiting is the hardest part.

One of my friends, Joy, is trying to wait patiently for the arrival of a son. I have the honor of supporting her during …