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It was Saturday. The mister was at work before dawn. I had planned to sleep in, but I woke up early. I filled  my five-cup coffee pot with water from the tap and the Christmas blend I had left over from 2012. The weather reports had been predicting a warming trend. I opened the front door. The sun was brightly shining and the fresh air was clean and crisp. I breathed it in deep. The lone glitter wreath sparkled where it was carelessly hung on the door. It was the only festive item I had out, and it happened by default as I had found it while rearranging the dining area.

Sometimes you don't see the stagnant until you touch the fresh anew.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and went outside. It was a quiet morning. The skies were bright blue with a few scattered clouds. I sat in silence on an old, weathered bench in the front yard. I closed my eyes as the heat of the sun kissed my face and warmth of the Son touched my soul. Then the sun hid behind some passing clouds, and the breeze tu…

Christmas {deconstructed}

This Christmas has wrecked me. The kind of wrecking that hits hard and forever changes you. I have been so blissful, so content. Early in the Advent season, joy filled my days with family and friends and laughter as cherished memories were forged. Then it happened, interspersed with the baking, the Christmas tea, the caroling, and all of the festivities, came the grief.

The grief came when a sweet friend's father passed away, and I grieved for all of those in mourning.

The grief came when I read about a precious baby girl in Haiti who died of pneumonia, and I grieved for all of the mothers who lose their babies to preventable diseases and treatable illnesses.

The grief came when I saw the tag hanging on the cheap, artificial tree inside the Coco's from a boy, age 7, who asked for socks and a coat before a toy, and I grieved for all the children who are cold.

The grief came when I received an email from a friend who has a heart for (and has served) Ojos Negros and the pastor wh…