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Psalm 147:3

Weary heart so destroyed it shouldn’t beat
It seems whole until shadows change, displaying thousands of scars
All different shapes and sizes; a roadmap of past sorrow laid bare
I trace them remembering, thankful for piercing needle and suture
I am hemorrhaging again, sucking in sharp breath through pain
A pain that deceives healed wounds that time alone could not heal
I alone could not heal
It seems selfish to ask in light of what He has already given
But once again I rip out this heart that has betrayed me
With fallen earth and sordid transgressions
And once again He willingly takes my scarred heart, mangled, bleeding
Handling the damaged flesh like it means something more
With gentle hands that numb the anguish, He grafts over brokenness
The unbearable pain becomes a dull ache that continues to fade, like a scar
By grace, it beats
Linking this to imperfect prose today, because I am broken and in this Lenten season, I desire to focus on Jesus as my sole Redeemer.


Joybird said…
Raw and familiar. I too have wounds in my heart. But thanks only to my Jesus, I have some scars that used to be wounds! I am so grateful. Praying that your scars outnumber your wounds.
Brian Miller said…
viceral write...i think we all carry those scars in our own ways, yet only by His grace...
Bethany Ann said…
uh-huh. makes me think of that sara groves song that goes, "in Your hands, the pain and hurt look less like scars and more like... character."
I feel this, I too have such a hemorrhaging heart. Prayers for you!
Bev said…
this i know...
by the grace of god we are healed...
Wow, I really feel the pain in the heart in this. Ouch. May the dull fade go quickly!! (and I LOVE the photo)
emily wierenga said…
Handling the damaged flesh like it means something more

oh jadie... you do mean so much more...
i hear his heart beat in you... love to you, sister.

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